Do different “roof to wall connections” give you different credits through the wind mitigation inspection reports?

Yes. “Roof to wall connections” refers to what is holding your roof framing members down to your walls. The better the connection method/material the better the discount will be that should applied to your home owner’s policy from an accurate wind mitigation inspection report.

Connections could be anything from nails that were nailed at an angle (considered “Toe Nails” on the Wind Mitigation Inspection report form 1802), metal straps secured to only 1 side of the framing member (considered a “Clip” on the form 1802), metal straps that go up 1 side of the framing member and raps over the top and secured to the other side (considered a “Single Wrap” on form 1802), to having a metal strap on both sides (considered “Double Wraps” on the 1802 form), and more. The connection from your roof to wall will be identified during the Wind Mitigation Inspection.

- Hoffman Home Insurance

NOTE: The answers to coverage questions are primarily based on ISO forms generally used in Florida by most companies. However, please keep in mind that all companies’ forms are NOT necessarily the same. Some companies may provide broader coverage and some may be more restrictive.


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